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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

what that code is ??


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Now what is that

You can't rubbing your eyes again and again !! after seeing this :P

and this is not enough 
we still have a lot

 and now have this...


and the next design is !!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Design as a discipline

Getting into a good design school is always a challenge and then figuring out your best natural talent  (unique design style) is even more tough.

Sometimes people get into a discipline, considering the future scope of job offers and salary packages but later, they find themselves in mess when they are not able to perform as expected.

ONE THING  as aspiring designer you should know, DESIGN is always performance and portfolio based, and there are no rulebooks or certificates  to prove you a great designer.
its all your live performance judged by the people around you that makes you great or average designer.

so getting into a good design school  is not  the epitome of success, like what generally happens in regular ENGINEERING or MBA programs. most people get into design with expectations of lucrative career ahead but thats not the case actually unless you make it big..

AS A DESIGNER,  THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE  is to  CREATE A  UNIQUE IDENTITY OF YOUR OWN  and develop a STYLE OF YOUR OWN that brings you out of the crowd.

like Jonathan Ive ( Apple ) 


Chris Bangle ( BMW )




it takes a lot of self discipline and determination to stick to a style and keep yourself motivated when you get criticized  for your ideas and moreover keep yourself aware of the world around you and not ignorantly reinventing the wheel.

most people get in and out of design school > look for the highest paying job available ( even if they don't enjoy the work there )
and then end yup loosing there focus to develop as designer and invent a unique style of their own.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Different disciplines of design

As the world is getting exposed to newer technologies and development in research, there are 100s of new design disciplines coming up ( from software design to ceramic design to tool design to landscape design ) which are based on anything from engineering to medical sciences to social studies to economics or an amalgamation of multiple disciplines.

its no more a necessity to have graduation in medical or engineering to have a lucrative career ahead.

Here i am giving you a brief of the most well know branches of design that you can study further and take your career to new heights.

Product Design also know as industrial design
is the most well known and oldest branch of design. it deals in almost all kinds of tangible products ( toothbrush to table lamp ).it is a combination of applied art and applied science, whereby the aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of products may be improved for marketability and production. we create and execute design solutions towards problems of form, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development and sales. 

Transportation & Automobile Design 
 is specific to automotive sector ( individual as well as mass transport ) it deals in latest car and bike designs, looks, comforts space and economy of productions..etc. mostly its about styling of interiors and exterior of vehicles to increase sales and brand value of the company. for example mahindra scorpio's design dramatically improved the brand value of mahindra and mahindra products and what pulsar did for Bajaj.

Furniture & Interior Design 
as the name says is about designing furniture in broad sense for all human needs. from school to bars to stadiums to gardens. its a specialized  branch of product design dealing only with furniture and space( interiors ).

Ceramic & Glass Design  
deals in all the house hold stuff made out of ceramics like a tea set to shit pot to ceramic and glass ware for kitchens or home decor. ( its very  different from ceramic engineering ;) here you get to play with p.o.p. and clay etc.

Toy & Game Design 
do i need to explain this ??

Textile Design 
is all about cloth and clothing world the backend of fashion and apparel industries, here we design different kinds of textures i.e. look and feel of the cloth. a lot of handicraft and manual work on traditional weaving machines.

Graphic Design
is again a very well know discipline of design, dealing in all the static form of communication through poster, banners, advertisements, logo design etc. here we play a lot with colors, shapes,  text,  fonts and paper. 

Animation Film Design
is  about stories and imaginary characters, if you like building stories and sketch it out on a paper or love the world of cartoon characters this is the place for you. for example the zoo zoo add by VODAFONE or a movie like toy story.

Film & Video Communication 
is about the real world and masses. idea of communication through motion and audio, here we use real life characters instead of imaginary 3 legged monster ;) real life issues and spreading awareness about it making documentaries and short films.

Photography Design
is about looking at photography as subject and not just a skill to operate a camera, understanding the basic philosophy and evolving your own style and creative expression techniques through the lenses.

Apparel Design & Merchandising
is doing all wow things with cloth,  exploring new possibilities in garments, clothing and fashion, analyzing trends and setting new. Redefining personas with creative use of materials and technology in dressing designs.

Lifestyle Accessory Design

is about mixing art and fashion with product design, creating style statements with accessories, exploring possibilities of new materials and technology is designing luxury products like casual wear jewelry using sea shells. creating table top items out of stationary materials. it offers a strong multidisciplinary edge wherein the students get opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of product categories - jewellery, bags, luggage, footwear, lighting, furnishings, furniture, space accessories. visiting this site will give you an idea :-

New Media Design

is a new domain and its still in developing state..its about exploring different kinds of mediums of communication and the relationship between technology and culture. Media, old and new, such as print, radio, television, internet, virtual reality, gaming and mobile telephony, to mention a few, have a profound impact on our culture. Understanding these various media and the impact they (may) create is crucial to understanding how our societies are shaped. for example see this video:

Information & Interface Design

is about applying various principle of design in softwares and  soft media, e.g. mobile apps, websites, electronic devices like camera and its controls and about managing information and optimizing it for best use. This discipline is a combination of Ethnography, Information Visualization, Information Architecture, Instructional Design, Icon Design,Tangible User Interface, Prototyping, Wayfinding, Design Management.

Design for Retail Experience

is about studying the intricacies of user experience in retailing business models and refining that experience to new levels of user satisfaction and entertainment resulting in better customer services and relationship management. This covers retail store designs for small and big organized retail sectors alike (branding, brand promotion, lighting, exhibition design etc.).

Design for Digital Experience

is about studying and applying various principles of design to create better and richer user experiences in digital world. it takes you through diverse professional backgrounds such as fine and applied arts, film- making, engineering or technical, design, mass communication and architecture.

Monday, 18 April 2011


Though it can have 1000 different definitions as per the context and perception of people around but to keep it simple i would say its THE SCIENCE OF CREATING SOMETHING WITH A DEFINITE MEANING AND PURPOSE. it  can be anything from designing a bicycle to design (cooking ) a recipe
to designing a software to design a curriculum you can see design in everything with a purpose and definite meaning ( roads, flyovers, buildings, we living beings and most of our world is nothing but a design )

i would welcome your views on this :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A place to keep you aware of the design world.

This blog is all about sharing anything related to design and design awareness ( pictures, articles, vedios, comments, opinions, tutorials, portfolios etc ) you all are welcome to contribute :)